Have you been asked to attend an interview and you want to make sure you make a great first impression?

Follow our interview hints and tips to help you towards a positive outcome. Keep in mind that the interviewer won’t be assessing just your skills, but also your fit to the organisational culture and future capability.

1. Do your research

Do some research into the organisation that you are applying with. By understanding a business you can better evaluate the work they do and if it suits you. Research will also assist you to identify the kind of qualities the employer may be looking for and the kind of information you should highlight in your resume and cover letter.

Knowledge of a company’s background will also give you confidence in an interview and show potential employers that you have an interest in their company, understand their values and objectives.

2. Think ahead

Prepare a list of interview questions that you want to know about the organisation ahead of time.

Such interview questions might include:

  • Do you have a detailed job description?

  • Why is the position available?

  • What training and induction will be given?

  • What prospects are there for personal and professional development?

  • What are the company plans for the future?

  • What attributes would you hope that I would bring to the job?

  • When can I expect to hear from you?

3. Look the part

Look professional, act professionally and dress professionally. You will never have a second chance at making a good first impression. Dress conservatively rather than casually or radically, for example, a dark suit and tie, or a skirt and jacket as a general rule.

4. Arrive on time

Plan your route in advance and allow time for transport or traffic problems. If you are running late, call your Trojan consultant or the interviewer to apologise and advise them of your expected arrival time.

5. Leave a good impression

Leave the interview on a positive note and thank the interviewer/s for their time. Contact your Trojan Recruitment Group consultant as soon as possible after leaving and share the experience with them

Quick tips to remember

  • Remember to bring your resume!

  • Be able to describe your strengths and how they will benefit the company

  • Prepare something for when you are invited to ask questions

  • Dress smart and tidy in line with the company’s dress policy

  • Be polite, be honest, be yourself

  • Think before you answer any question

  • Don’t be negative about past employers or colleagues

  • Explain what makes you unique and how you could make a difference

  • Good luck and don't forget to smile!

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