Blog Smash Virtual Interview Out The Park

For some, a virtual interview may be daunting, unfamiliar territory but those who have learned how to master the art of interviewing via Zoom, Skype or Teams may just find themselves at a big advantage! The Trojan Recruitment Group team have formed their list of top 5 tips to help job seekers smash it out of the park – with a little preparation, it may be easier than you think!

1.Take the Time to Prepare

Many believe that as a job seeker, you should approach video interviews no differently than you would an in-person, face-to-face conversation when in actual fact, understanding the differences could just be what sets you apart.

Virtual interviews have one huge advantage over face-to-face meetings, no travelling! Although travelling to and from interviews can be inconvenient, the commute gives you time to prepare answers to common interview questions and to think about the types of information you may want to learn.

Make sure you allow adequate time to prepare for your interview and spend at least 20 minutes before specifically focussing on your questions and answers. A good tip to tape them to something in front of you at eye level, so you can refer to them briefly during a virtual interview without having to look down or tab screens

2.Set up Your Space

Face-to-face interviews are traditionally conducted in a board room, coffee shop or office space. However, when interviewing virtually, you are in charge of the space your possible future employers see. Choose a quiet area with a clutter-free background, preferably a blank wall and make sure a natural light source is positioned behind your screen.

So that your profile doesn't take up too much or too little of the screen, test your positioning beforehand. Make sure the screen is at eye height so that the interviewer is looking at your face, not up your nose!


3.Pay Attention to Your Sound in The Absence of Body Language

We all know that looking presentable and professional during an interview, both face-to-face and virtual is essential.

Often, we get so caught up in our physical appearance that we can forget about how we sound. In the absence of body language, how we sound plays a bigger role in our communication so keeping a reasonable pace, natural tone and speaking clearly will help you to communicate your emotions and views on the topics being discussed.

4.Disclose Any Likely Interruptions Up Front

Limiting possible distractions is a good idea before during a virtual interview. Put your phone on silent, turn off notifications. Plough the kids with episodes of the wiggles and giving your puppy dog some treats to help minimise interruptions.

Despite best effort, interruptions will happen and letting your interviewer know is a possibility upfront shows you are pro-active, calms the nerves and can even provide a great icebreaker.

5.Avoid a Simple Question and Answer Structure

One of the signs of a great interview is if the conversation flows naturally and there is equal time answering and asking questions coming from both sides of the screen. In virtual interviews it can be easy to let the conversation be more one sided and simply answer questions when asked. Be sure to show interest in the job itself, the company as well as the interviewer by conversing naturally which also positively shows what you could be like to work with as a colleague.

If you are open to new opportunities, contact a recruitment agency like Trojan Recruitment Group and receive advice from the experts in permanent and contract roles.