1 Blog Succeed When Your Manager Isnt On Site

Whether you have offices across the globe, a hybrid working environment or work across work sites, having your boss alongside you day-to-day is becoming less common. So how do you show them that you are a superstar? How do you step up as a team member? How do you keep on track and focus on the important tasks?

The good news is that your success isn't determined by your boss's whereabouts but rather how you communicate effectively, perform without supervision, and make decisions within boundaries that keep you on track to deliver.

By following the 3E RULE, you can get the job done, feel rewarded and shine in the eyes of your boss, who will know just how great you are, even when they are often offsite.

E1 - Expectations
Essential to success when your boss isn't on site is knowing their expectations in advance so you know what you need to deliver, by when and how.

What are your productivity targets and collective team goals? When is work due? What factors are important to your boss? Do you have a budget? What is your decision-making authority in their absence? How much autonomy do you have to take action when needed? What are non-negotiables such as safety, using overtime, and ordering materials?

Asking these questions of your boss may make them feel like they are part of an inquisition, so try preparing a recommendation or list of suggestions to share at your next work-in-progress meeting. If done well, you may be more respected, trusted and headed towards high performance, creating a long-lasting positive impression.

E2 – Enablers
Enablers are those things that help you do your job, such as people, processes, or technology.

Who can help you be the best version of yourself at work? Do you have a mentor? Do your work colleagues find you approachable, friendly, and respectful so that they are more supportive in a team environment? Fostering strong relationships with those around you and the industry can enable you to do your job more effectively.

From a process perspective, are you clear on the processes for getting things done? Does your boss have a way of working they would like you to follow? Even without a process guide, checking in with your boss and asking for feedback is a great way to ensure you are on track.

Finally, technology can be an incredible enabler when your boss is offsite, as it can help foster effective communication – even remotely. Shared productivity tools, video conferencing, photography and more can all be utilised to communicate when distance is in the way.

E3 – Excellence
One of the best ways to build trust when your boss is offsite is to focus on executing your tasks with a high degree of excellence.

Have a razor-sharp approach to planning and prioritising your tasks so that you can deliver to deadlines. Have a keen eye for detail so that it isn't necessary for your boss to continually feel they must check your work and spend time correcting output.

Keep your work area tidy and organised. It shows you have a methodical mind, keeps you productive and is typically much safer. You are less likely to be overwhelmed or under pressure when your tools are easily accessible.

Don't hesitate to seek additional training or research to enhance your expertise and ensure a top-notch output.

When these three E's are coupled with effective communication, you have a recipe for career success – even when your boss is offsite. By showing you are committed to delivery without supervision, you are demonstrating high performance and future leadership qualities – two attributes that are sought after by most employers!

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