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​Chug your power smoothie, smash a set of burpees, shower, headphones on, then out the door. Morning routines are much celebrated, though to really maximise your energy, it’s all about the midday routine. Often overlooked, this window of the day can help set future you up for a successful evening, wind-down, and even weekend.

From bonding with your colleagues to nurturing a hobby, these midday routine tips can help you make the most of your lunchtime.

1 Pause to connect with your team during lunch

Don’t sit solo with your sandwich, make a habit of getting together with your co-workers during your lunch break. A Cornell study revealed that colleagues that ate communally were happier and more productive. What’s more, having friends in the workplace is linked to overall wellbeing. Research shows that strong workplace relationships reduce the chance of burnout and can even lead to a longer lifespan.

Try to build a sense of community amongst your work crew. It could be just dining together, kicking back in the park, or having a lunchtime ball game. Participating in group activities during your midday break will help you feel happier with a stronger support network on the job.

2 Create a To-Do List or use a Personal Kanban to give you time back in the evenings

If your personal to-do’s stress you out and you feel there’s not enough time in the day, then a simple yet ultra-effective to do list or Personal Kanban update in your lunch break could allow you to feel more in control of your afternoon.

How does Personal Kanban work? All you need is a visual board (physical or digital) with three columns: "To Do," "Doing," and "Done." Write down what you want to get done in your morning, in your break and in the evening, and adjust them to fit with your personal energy levels throughout the day.

By creating your to-do list or using a Personal Kanban during your break when your energy is high, you can relax more in your evenings. To help you feel in control, limit your “Doing” tasks to three at a time. This reduces overload and can increase your productivity.

3 Carve out some time to do something you enjoy

Using your break to disconnect from work and focus on something you enjoy can do wonders for your wellbeing. It can also allow you to return to work feeling refreshed and fulfilled. So take the time to pause and read a chapter of a book, mindlessly doodle, go for a walk or sit outside with a coffee.

Follow wherever your passion lies and enjoy the rejuvenation that follows.

4 Relieve out-of-hours stress by doing essential errands

When you need to call your landlord, jump on to online banking, order flowers for mum, use your midday break to perform essential errands. By allocating one lunch time each week to perform these tasks, you can streamline your personal to-do list and eliminate the stress of doing them outside of work. The result? A better work-life balance with less stress when you clock off. Of course, be aware of your break times. Consider what you can get done in the time you have to avoid being late back to the job.

All in all, your midday routine can be built to suit you and your needs. Follow what makes sense for you so that you can continue to work at your best and smash your day.

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