1 Blog [04 Apr] Boost Energy

​If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and feel the need to reach for a caffeine hit each morning, your body may be asking for a weekend of sleep to help you recharge. On the other hand, if you feel wrecked from dawn to dusk, you may need an energy boost. Here we share a few tips to get your energy levels back on track to help you smash the day mentally and physically.

Tactic 1: Looking after mind and body.

Sometimes, the simplest of things are what our body and mind crave. Eating well, moving your body and getting sufficient sleep are essential to optimum energy. When nourished, energised and rested, your body can bounce back better — mentally and physically.

Consider starting with a sleep routine; create a bedtime ritual that signals the body it's time to sleep and aim for 7 – 9 hours each night – getting a restful sleep will help energise you for other tasks. Perhaps look for a meal delivery service that provides balanced, nutritious meals without the need for shopping and meal planning. Finally, if a walk feels too much – start with going to the letterbox and back a few times a day and building up from there.

Tactic 2: Do a daily digital detox.

A 2017 study by the University of Chicago showed that excessive screen time is linked to elevated cortisol levels, the stress hormone. So, by changing your habits and reducing your screen time, you will likely see a shift in energy levels.

Start by detoxing the phone after hours - turn off notifications other than the ones you want to receive. Next, pay attention to how individual apps make you feel when you use them. For example, which ones do you check due to anxiety? Which ones leave you feeling stressed? Which apps make you feel like you are just wasting time that could be used on other things? Finally, hide or delete these apps and see how they make you feel.

Next, consider reducing your screen time and keep phones out of the bedroom. Most people report they feel much better after the initial twitchiness subsides!

Tactic 4: Get a Swedish massage.

With calm-inducing vibes, Swedish massage has a list of therapeutic benefits for relieving fatigue. Swedish massage is known for its relaxation effects by using long strokes, gentle kneading, and circular movements on the topmost layer of muscles.

Those who enjoy a Swedish massage report reduced levels of muscular skeletal pain, improved mood and better sleep.

Tactic 5: Download some soothing music.

Studies show that music can profoundly impact your mood, so switch up your playlist to help support your desired mood. Chilling out with your headphones on can positively impact your psychobiological stress system, improve cognitive function and support your emotional processes.

Consider a hit of pop music to put some pep in your step or some slow, soothing tunes to help you relax. If dropping off at night is a problem, listen to some blissful sounds in bed to get you sleep-ready so you wake refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Remember, if it persists, to see your doctor.

If you're trying the above strategies and not having any luck, a trip to the GP may be worth considering to rule out underlying medical conditions that could be impacting your energy levels.

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