Blog [09 Sep] The Top 5 Resume Mistakes

​Are you always firing out your resume only to hear nothing back? Maybe you’re putting one together and want to avoid pesky pitfalls? Here we share the inside scoop from the recruitment industry as to the top resume mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1 Not making every word count

Recruiters receive dozens of resumes, so yours needs to grab attention right away. Overloading it with irrelevant information or not providing enough relevant detail is one of the top mistakes.

Keep your resume around two pages long or less. Instead of simply listing what duties you ‘did’ in previous roles, we’re always more impressed by what you ‘achieved’. For instance, did you work on any projects that increased company growth or revenue? Did you win any awards or recognition for your work? Showcase your achievements in an engaging way to create a strong resume.

2 Poor spelling and grammar

No one wants their resume to be put to the bottom of the pile and spelling and grammar mistakes are a sure-fire way to get there. Mistakes can indicate a lack of attention to detail and carelessness – two qualities that employers wish to avoid at all costs.

Once your resume is typed up, take time to go over what you’ve written with a fine-tooth comb. Use a spellchecking tool or get someone to overlook it for a final proofread before sending.

3 A resume that isn’t relevant

When you’re firing out your resume to ten jobs a day, it can be tempting to send the same one to save time. The issue here is that each job you apply for is different in some way, making your resume generic and less relevant to the job.

Although it will take a bit longer, it’s important to tailor your resume to each job you are applying for. Research the company beforehand so you’re familiar with its culture and values. On the job description it will likely list the role responsibilities. Highlight your skills and experience that demonstrate you have what it takes to, not only be a strong candidate for the role, but why this makes you a great fit for the company too.

4 You’re a ‘team player’ who ‘thinks outside the box’

It can be easy to rely on well-worn cliches and buzz phrases in your personal profile – however if everyone uses those terms, how will we know why you stand out?

When it comes to a good personal resume profile, the key is adding a layer of detail to say why or how you are ‘results-driven’ or a ‘highly motivated,’ using an example if necessary. Aim to be specific and imaginative, and always ask yourself ‘will this make me stand out?’ as you go along.

5 Being liberal with the truth

When you’re ultra-keen to score that job, you may think about embellishing your CV with fake qualifications and achievements. Recruiters’ fact-check applicants’ qualifications, check their social media accounts and do reference checks with previous employers so it is likely the truth will come out. Not only will it damage your reputation with the hiring manager, it could discredit your reputation in your industry too.

You could even risk putting yourself or co-workers in danger on site if you claim to hold certain construction training that you do not.

Those candidates who create great resumes, back up their claims and are truthful and honest in their achievements are far more likely to move to the top of the pile when the right role comes along. Be sure to give your job applications the time and energy they deserve as it may just land your dream role!

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