Blog [07 July] 6 Tips To Help Your Dollars Stretch Further

With changes in fuel prices, interest rates, energy prices (and even lettuce!), now is a good time to check-in with your finances. Here are some quick tips to help make your pay packet stretch further.

1 Know your spending habits

When your bills feel like a runaway freight train, you can regain control by analysing your income and outgoings. Use a free budget tool or app like Pocketbook or MoneyBrilliant and you will be able to establish how much you’re spending on things like rent, bills, groceries, and entertainment.

Then you can create useful budgets to help you work towards financial goals and make sure spending what you can afford.

2 Streamline your subscriptions

Do you only dip into Netflix once or twice a month? Can you live without your monthly Beer Cartel fix? Do you have unused apps on your phone that are costing you month after month? Subscription services are great, but if left unchecked they can become an unnecessary expense.

Draw up a list of all the subscription services you are signed up to and cancel the ones you do not really need.

3 Bring your lunch to work

The average Aussie employee spends almost $900 on lunches a year – and with meal delivery services like Uber Eats this is increasing substantially! You can make tangible savings by bringing your lunch to work rather than grabbing it on the go.

To make it easier, do a big batch cook on Sunday. A hearty pasta bake will see you well into the week. Wraps and sandwiches can be made quickly the night before, too. Don’t forget your refillable water bottle or coffee flask as well!

4 Shop around for cheaper suppliers and providers

Perhaps when you signed up to your broadband or energy provider you got a great introductory offer? This may now have expired leaving you paying more than you need. As utility prices rise at varying levels, it is possible you can find a better deal on the market.

Use a price comparison site like Finder to see if you can find cheaper contracts to switch to and make substantial savings.

5 Seek out discount deals

Rather than filling your shopping basket on autopilot without paying attention to the price, shop smart and actively seek out groceries and products that are on offer. Even if it means changing to a brand you don’t normally buy, by taking advantage of discounts and deals you can generate savings.

You can even consider looking online before going in store to see if you can find your usual items at a better price. Many retailers also have online discount codes so do a Google search before hitting the check-out button.

6 Spread the cost of mega buys

Need a new TV but can’t afford to stump up straight away? When you need to dive deep into your pockets for a big home purchase, consider spreading the cost rather in manageable chunks that fit into your budget rather than paying in one go.Apps like Klarna, allow you to pay in instalments with no fees or interest.

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