Blog Robots Stealing Jobs

​It is predicted that AI will result in the loss of 75 million jobs globally by 2022 across many sectors, including assembly and factory workers, stock-keeping clerks, and general operations managers. But don't fret! AI comes with many benefits for the average worker!

From the creation of new job opportunities with higher salaries to robots that help you do manual labour jobs with less effort and less risk of injury, AI will create 133 million new jobs, which will be up for grabs for all those willing to keep up with the times. So while you won't necessarily lose your job to AI, the surge in new technologies does mean the job you do may change.

Here we share three ways you can score big from the rising use of AI.

#1 New job opportunities

Like all previous advancements in technology, AI has triggered the loss of some jobs (or entire sectors) and the creation of new ones. So, you should be focusing on adapting and embracing the new jobs coming your way.

If you can take on a growth mindset and see opportunities for growth in change, you will benefit. Companies and employers will need to remain relevant, and to do this; they need to keep up with advancements in technology. As a result, employees need to be upskilled and retrained, and you could be first in line! So, if you want to take advantage of the AI revolution, be prepared and willing to learn and put your hand up for upskilling and retraining opportunities at work.

Data from the Europe Economic Forum predicts the average worker will need an extra 101 days of learning by the end of 2022 to prepare employees with skills that support and complement new AI technologies. So, there are opportunities there for sure!

#2 Making your job easier

The fear smart machines and robots will take over all our jobs is unlikely. However, we expect to see humans working alongside these smart machines and cobots (collaborative robots) to do their jobs more efficiently, safely and with less effort - leaving time and potential for you to put your uniquely human skills to better use.

There are some things that robots simply can't do, like display greater creativity, flexibility, objectivity, and agility. If you can prove you are creative, a problem solver and can make calculated decisions, then this whole world will open up to you. So, stay tuned and be ready to put your brain muscles to work.

#3 Reaching your potential

Many organisations are now using AI to identify skills and talents in their workforce for the future. Their systems can identify high potential candidates who excel in a high-paying tech role. Imagine the opportunities that may present to you in the future? This kind of technology has the potential to drive people to reach their full professional potential and live a fuller life

By now, it is clear AI is not out to get you. Instead, it's here to take us into the future workforce, and it will make its presence known across all industries and sectors, including yours.

There is no doubt about it; the way you and your teammates work will change, and, in most cases, it will be for the better. Instead of fearing AI, you have an opportunity to embrace it and turn your thoughts and focus to the good things it will bring for you!


  • If you can take on a growth mindset and see opportunities for growth in change, you will benefit from new job opportunities that arise.

  • AI may make your job easier and safer in the future - leaving time for you to put your human skills to good use.

  • Those who can prove they are creative problem solvers will be highly valued.

  • Your employer may even be using AI tools to help identify you as top talent for the future which could see you hand-picked for opportunities you never knew existed.

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