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Bad moods happen to the best of us and are just one of many human emotions. Whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, someone cut in front of you in the coffee queue, your boss loaded you with more work imaginable or one of your work colleagues is just getting on your nerves, bad moods at work are inevitable.

The thing about bad moods, is that while we can’t avoid them, we can often choose our response to them. Instead of putting all your effort into thinking about how awful, bad, sad, and angry you feel, turn your focus to the things that are within your control and can help boost your mood.

Here are 6 ways to crush a bad mood at work:

  • Turn up the radio!
    If you are having a bad day, the first place to turn to is the radio or your personal playlist. Research shows that bright musical tones, happy lyrics, classical and ambient all have mood boosting benefits. On the flip side, metal and hard electronic can have the opposite effect on your mood - so save them for another day.

    Music also increases productivity and cognitive performance, so you don’t need to wait for a bad day to turn it on. Investing in a small speaker might be the way to go to boost the mood of the entire team. They may even thank you for it.

  • Laugh it off
    Whether it’s calling your funniest mate, or scrolling through memes and videos on your phone, turn your focus to something entertaining and joyous. This will cut through the low in the moment, and help you reset to a more neutral mood. According to research, laughter increases dopamine in our brains, which elevates mood and increases oxygen intake, which then cools down your stress response system making you feel more relaxed. Anyone know any good jokes?
  • Walk it off
    That’s right – stop what you are doing and take a walk – anywhere. It could be around the block, throughout the site, out to grab a coffee or wherever else – just as long as you are walking. Research has shown that taking any kind of walk – even through a drab building gets the happy chemicals pumping and produces an instant mood boost
  • A problem shared is a problem halved
    Whether it’s a problem that has been weighing on you for a while, are having a bad day, or in a mood that cannot be explained, putting it into words and telling someone will make you feel better. It may not solve your problem, but research has found that putting your feelings into words can minimise the stress you feel and lessen the impact of the bad mood.
  • Fats, ferments and coffee are your friends
    On bad days, fermented foods and those high in good fat are your best friends. Research has shown these foods can improve overall brain health and some mood disorders. So, when you are having a low day, reach out for foods that are high in good fats (nuts, dark chocolate and fatty fish), fermented foods (kimchi, yoghurt, kefir and kombucha), and coffee!
  • Find ways to stay motivated
    Sometimes, it’s enough to go through the list of things you are grateful for in order to boost your mood. Being healthy and having a job with workmates you enjoy working with, could be enough. Maybe, it’s the money you are saving – a new car, bike or pool may be in on the horizon. Research shows what sets achievers apart from those that don’t, is their ability to motivate themselves, and find ways to stay on track with their goals – even through those tough days.


  • When you are having a bad day and struggling to get the job done, turn your focus to the things in your life you can control to improve your mood.
  • Add uplifting, classical or ambient music to your working day. It will improve your mood almost immediately and also increase your productivity and cognitive performance.
  • Having a laugh with a mate or taking a walk to change your surroundings will reset your mood, bringing it to a more neutral mode.
  • Talk it out and verbalise how you feel. While it may not solve the problem, simply voicing it will lessen the impact of the negative emotions the problem is causing you.
  • Reach out for foods that promote brain health, whether it’s; nuts, fatty fish, dark chocolate, yoghurt or coffee, it may help boost your mood.
  • Find ways to motivate yourself and in your mind, go through all the things you are grateful for.

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