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Ultra-productive people are organised, focused, efficient and achieve results. They even deliver on jobs that seem humanly ‘impossible’ and somehow make it look easy while they’re at it. You may be wondering how they possibly do it all?
The secret lies in finding ways to work smarter not necessarily longer or harder. And, part of the answer to working smarter, quite literally, lies in the palm of your hand. That’s right - the answer is in your smart phone – or more precisely in apps.
There’s an abundance of beneficial apps to help your work more efficiently. From to-do lists to time management to help on the job to boosting brain power, focus and memory. When it comes to being a high performer you can’t underestimate the enhancements you can achieve by harnessing technology.
Here are 9 tools frequently used by high performing employees
To do lists, time management and collaboration
(Time and Project Management Apps)
High performers know what they have to achieve each day and are all over it. Their time management skills are second to none. They are acutely aware of the limited number of hours in a day, are adept at organising tasks and schedules, and are able to quickly adapt their schedule to shifting priorities and circumstances. You too can develop these skills which can be enhanced by apps such as these:
1.   Remember the Milk – a basic do-to list app for everyday use that can be accustomed to personal and business tasks.
2.   Todoist – a more comprehensive time-management app for personal and professional use. It lets you create, track and delegate duties to others whether that be your team mates or family members.
3.   Fieldwire – a professional project management business app that connects the entire team on the field; from the project manager to individual foreman. Providing access to blueprints and progress photos, it also has a task manager scheduling feature with notifications and tracking of cost and manpower.
Reclaim your inbox and calendar
(Email and Calendar Apps)
High performers don’t suffer from the clutter of unread emails and conflicting calendar invites.They use tools to help keep their inbox tidy and plan their day - freeing up their mind for big, complex decisions.
While reaching inbox zero or hiring a PA may not be practical, having a tidy inbox and calendar is very achievable with apps like these.
1.   Spark – an email app that pulls all your email accounts into one place with helpful features including quick replies, the ability to share drafts, private team comments and a great user experience.
2.   TimeTree – a calendar app known for smart calendar sharing so you can calendar share with colleagues, comment on shared calendars, set reminders and utilise a nifty note section.
3.   Leave Me Alone – an email management tool used to unsubscribe from newsletters, promotions, mailing lists, and more – including emails with obscure unsubscribe links.
Increasing brain power and problem-solving skills
(Focus, Mindfulness and Creativity Apps)
High performers treat their minds as a machine. They appreciate that their skills, expertise and talent all come down to their mind so actively invest in ways to increase brain power, boost creativity and develop their problem-solving skills.
There are many apps to help give you that mind over matter advantage so you many need to go through a trial-and-error process before you find one that works for you.
1.   Elevate – a personalised brain-training program designed to improve focus, speaking, processing speed, memory and maths skills. As a game-based app that improves cognitive skills, it’s proven to boost productivity, earning power and self-confidence.
2.   MindPal – a brain-training app to challenge and improve your memory, attention, language, math, flexibility, speed and problem-solving skills.
3.   FitMind – Mind Training – a mindfulness and meditation app to train your mind to be happier, more productive, focused and energised.
For when you’re at work – yet out of it
(Health and Wellbeing Apps)
High performers recognise their body is a template and know the benefits of being fit and healthy on their performance. For example, studies show that you’re 41% more motivated to complete work on days you work out and even better than those who are productive at work are actually happier!
1.   Nike Training Club – a fitness app with 185+ free workouts from HIT training to bodyweight workouts by experts and for all levels of fitness.
2.   Cronometer – a comprehensive nutrition app that allows you to track calories, macros and even nutrients and minerals, so you can choose how and which health metrics you track.
3.   Waterlogged – a water tracking app that allows customised tracking and personalised reminders to help you reach your goal fast.

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