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With JobKeeper coming to a close, the competition for jobs is getting hot! How can you make yourself stand out? How can you get that interview? What will give employers a first impression that will have them dying to hire you? At Trojan Recruitment, we sift through loads of resumes each day and know what sets one apart from the next.
Aside from having a clear and professional layout, we’re offering our top five tips for a faultless resume – tradie style!
Tip #1 Contact me, please!
It would surprise you just how many people forget to include their contact information in their job application and resume. Making a potential employer’s job easy by having your name and contact information at the top of your resume will help you be contactable at the shortlist stage.
Employers will use the contact information you provide to discuss your suitability, skills and experience, so best to make sure it is accurate. We also recommend using a professional email address for job seeking. A personal email address like drunkasaskunk@gmail doesn’t make the best first impression on a potential employer.
Tip #2 Let me take a selfie
Sometimes seeing is believing and including a photograph of yourself can set you apart from other applicants. The secret is to include the right image. Potential employers don’t want to see the latest shot from the pub from our Facebook page or photos with your mates blurred out in the background.
You don’t need to get professional headshots; just ask a friend or family member to take a quality portrait shot. Be sure to make sure the photo is taken with good lighting and that you are appropriately dressed in either a work uniform or tidy shirt. After all, you want to make a great first impression.
You could also consider including a video cover letter which is a unique way to show your employer your more creative and innovative side. Here, we have included an example of how you could structure your video cover letter.
Tip #3 Sell yourself
Before launching into your career history, write a short personal summary to give employers a better understanding of
your qualifications, skills, accomplishments, values and work interests.
Some of the essential points you could include - your years of experience, skills and qualifications, a statement about why you like your job and any significant achievements.
An example of a personal summary is shown below:

For the past 15 years, I have worked as a residential painter, working independently and in construction teams. One of the best parts of my job is seeing rooms come to life or old rooms transformed with an update of colour - knowing that the residents of that home will enjoy my work for years to come. I have a Painting licence and hold a Certificate III in Painting and Decorating from TAFE. I pride myself in every detail, and my work was featured in Belle Magazine in 2019.
Tip #4 Back it up with experience
Providing your employer with previous work experience provides proof you have what it takes to do the job. Start with your most recent job and go backwards in time. Each ‘experience’ should include the following:
·       Job title and company name
·       Dates worked
·       Summary of your responsibilities (maximum of 5 points)
·       Summary of your achievements (maximum of 3)
·       Reason for leaving
#5 Avoid typos
Many agencies and companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to help shortlist applicants. According to a study conducted by a job search firm, Preptel, 75 per cent of all resumes are never seen by human eyes. Instead, they are sifted through an ATS system before making it onto a shortlist for the employer. If you have spelling errors in keywords, your resume may not get through the system.
Before sending it off, you should review your resume to make sure its length, grammar and language is the best it can be so that your application succeeds. Using a tool like Grammarly can help, or you can ask friends and family to proofread and provide feedback.
Once you have edited, make sure your resume is only one or two pages. If your resume is longer, make sure you only include relevant experience and skills in the most concise way possible.
1.   Remember to clearly include your name and contact details.
2.   Include a suitable photo or create a video cover letter.
3.   Add a personal summary at the top of your resume to generate interest.
4.   List your experience, including your relevant achievements.
5.   Proofread your resume to get the best results on your application.
Putting your best foot forward when applying for a new job can be made easy with a well-written resume. Presenting yourself as tidy, organised, and professional will set you apart from the crowd and will increase the chances of your resume making it onto an employer’s shortlist. If you want a place on that newest project, take a great selfie and bring out your most convincing sales skills to create a resume that will have employers competing to hire you!

If you are open to new opportunities, contact a recruitment agency like Trojan Recruitment Group and receive advice from the experts in labour-hire, permanent and contract staff.