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New year can be a time for reflection and with that comes planning for the next chapter. Sometimes a short course may be just the boost you have been looking for. Short courses no longer mean late nights at the local TAFE or expensive fees. Thanks to sites like Udemy and Coursera, there are a range of online courses and price tags with something for everyone. Whether you are looking to boost your career, find a new hobby or lift your sprits with some personal development, we have 6 of the most popular short courses from around the world.

Career - AI for Everyone
Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm and in Australia there is a shortage of professionals who understand and can action AI. Over 500,000 people have taken the AI for Everyone course offered by Coursera. AI isn’t only for engineers but can be applied to a whole page of industries. The course takes just 6 hours and will give you an insight into AI that may even be the start of a new career!

Career - Python Bootcamp
Over a million people have completed this short course on Udemy which runs for just under 22 hours. Python is the programming language behind many games and apps used by coding beginners, web and mobile app developer’s software engineers and data scientists. This is a big growth area so a course such as this could be a great introduction to test whether it is worth considering a further qualification or career in the industry.

Personal Development - The Science of Wellbeing
Courses don’t just have to be career focussed, one of the most popular online courses – The Science of Wellbeing – has had over 3 million enrolments. Offered by Yale University this program taps into some of the brightest minds in positive psychology who share some easy to implement healthy habits that will ultimately increase your wellbeing and overall levels of happiness.

Personal Development – Short Courses in Parenting
As we all know, kids don’t come with an instruction manual and parenting can be a tough gig. That’s why many of us are learning from the top academics in child psychology to get tips and tricks to handle our little ones in positive ways. If you have made a commitment to be the best Mum or Dad you can be this year then building your parenting toolkit may be a great investment. 120,000 people have taken the Everyday Parenting Course offered from Yale University.

Hobby - Photography for Beginners
Learn how to take amazing photos that will impress your family and friends. There are many photography courses for beginner which will teach you how to take pictures in different scenarios, such as landscapes, sporting, action, portraits and more. Most will show you how to adjust lighting, compose a scene and use basic photography rules. Many courses for beginner also teach you how take your hobby into a career should you discover a new passion. LinkedIn Learning has a number of short courses available online.

Hobby - Financial Investing Overview
If you have ever wondered how to start investing in the stock market, then taking a short course in financial investing could be a big help. Learn how to pick stocks, manage a portfolio and play alongside the likes of Warren Buffet… if you dare!

Even if you aren’t the studious type, it is amazing what you can achieve when you find the right short course for you. At Trojan Recruitment Group, we encourage our team members to invest in continuous learning to build new skills and reach their potential.

If you are open to new opportunities, contact a recruitment agency like Trojan Recruitment Group and receive advice from the experts in labour-hire, permanent and contract staff.