Workplace Stress

​Every evening, you step into the car overflowing with the day's stressors and list of to-dos. Enter the front door at home with the same attitude and beliefs boiling beneath the surface - before you know it, you are pouring a glass of wine and sharing the negative events of the day that have unknowingly slipped into your personal-time.

Many of us do this without even realising it; in fact, 83% of men and 72% of women say that workplace stress carries over to their personal life.

Employers are doing a lot more to help alleviate the stress - such as wellbeing programs, mental health support andadditional workplace flexibility, but that can only go so far. Sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands, and Dr Adam Fraser has just the trick.

He developed the concept of a Third Space, which is a method to help workers prepare their mind to move between work and home so they can feel more in control and leave the stresses of the day behind.

The concept of the Third Space is a relatively simple one. It is where you decide on a trigger, routine or physical place where you take some mental time out to choose 'How will I show up when I walk through that door [home]?'" Fraser says.“How you show up determines what sort of evening you have . . . And how you transition home determines how you unwind, relax, and socialise–or obsess and worry about the day.”

All you need to do is identify the transitions you make each day. It could be between school to home, work to an apartment or from a part-time job to caring for your kids. Then it is a matter of creating a ritual that helps you let go of one and move to the other.

For some people their Third Space is the commute home, others it is a shower at the end of the day, an evening dog walk, a quick meditation or the trip to the gym. During these rituals, it is time to ask yourself how I will show up next.

The concept of the Third Space can be beneficial at work too when we need to go from one meeting to another, one task to another or even one group of people to another. By taking the time to make a cup of tea or coffee in between, we can use this time to gather our thoughts and show up the best version of ourselves.

According to Adam Fraser, “the Third Space is a passageway in which you can leave behind whatever you wish". This simple mindful routine can give us greater control of our stressors and help us choose what we wish to bring with us.

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