Appreciate Employees

​Ever felt like your work doesn’t matter? That you were just a number? You are not alone – 79% of people who quit their job cite a lack of appreciation as their main reason for leaving. And with rewards and recognition programs making such a large contribution to overall employee engagement scores, companies are systemising their programs which means they can lose the personal touch.

So, what are some of the simple ways you can show employees they genuinely do matter?

  • Positive feedback – don’t underestimate the value of a timely pat-on-the-back either in person or via email. This is often considered one of the most genuine ways to value an employee’s contribution.

  • Handwritten note – Taking time to sit down and write a handwritten note is a thoughtful way to convey your gratitude, especially in this digital world. What's more - the employee will likely share the note with family and friends reinforcing the feeling for them each time they re-tell the story.

  • Take them to lunch – a lunch with just the two of you can be a really nice way to share in person just how much you value their effort. It also shows a commitment from you and your time to invest and appreciate them.

  • Time off – if your team member has gone the extra mile then granting them an extended lunch break, half day, full day or an early mark will go a long way to show them they matter more than money. Most hard-working employees give volumes of discretionary effort to their work, so consider sharing it back in a little time off.

  • Surprise treats – if you know your employee loves chocolate chip cookies then taking time to buy some or bake some and dropping them on the desk with a post-it note is a surprise that will make their day.

If you’re serious about building a team who enjoy working for a leader who genuinely values their contribution, contact us and get advice from the experts in labour hire, permanent recruitment and contract staff.

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