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​While we would all love to have a standard job application letter and resume, what does your potential employer think when they read it? Would they potentially skip over you if they have to go digging to find out why you are the right person for the job?

Your cover letter and resume can make or break your chances – especially where roles are highly desirable and competitive. So, it might be time to re-think the way you present yourself and ensure that you’re not committing these classic faux-pas - so you are in the running for your next dream job.

Avoid these common job application mistakes ...

5 common job application mistakes

Mistake #1: Incorrectly using the term "self-employed."

It is common for employees, especially in the trades and services, to have a period of unemployment between projects and jobs. This doesn't necessarily reflect poorly on you or your skills, just a result of the market. However, if you try and make that sound better by saying you were "self-employed" when in reality you were unemployed, it may come back to bite you when asked about your clients and referees.

Honesty is a value most employers are seeking, so when it comes to your job application it is best to be open and transparent about your situation in a professional way.

Mistake #2: Not cleaning up your social media feed

While it might feel good to let off steam when you feel let down by your company or when your boss or colleague is annoying you, venting openly in online in a public space, such as Facebook can cost you the next job.

Loyalty and respect are values employers are seeking so if you have left a scathing review full of expletives about your last employer, it is unlikely a new employer will want the risk of that happening to them. Think they won’t be looking? 93% of potential employers will look at your social media feed to learn more about you, so making sure your Facebook feed paints you in a positive light is critical.

Mistake #3: Burying relevant information

So you want the job as a forklift driver, but you send over a generic cover letter and resume that talks more about your truck driving experience than your forklift experience.

While evaluating candidates based on a cover letter and a resume, those who highlight their relevant skills and experience up front are more likely to make it to the next stage. Sure, it's more time consuming. But a relevant, tailored application could see you employed much faster in the long run.

Mistake #4: Using curly fonts

We're talking about those horrible fonts like Curlz and Vivaldi. 

While you may want to give your job application a little pizazz and embellish it with artistic fonts. But the experts at Trojan Recruitment Group recommend sticking to classic fonts that are clean, and easy to read.

A professionally presented cover letter and resume wins hands down. It shows you know how to tailor your message for a work audience doesn't distract the reader from the important points about you. Stick with fonts like Arial, Helvetica and Calibri with a straightforward and easy to read format.

Mistake #5: An unprofessional email account

You set up your yahoo, aol or gmail account several years ago for personal reasons and it has now become your default mail account when job seeking. or may have been perfect for when you were nineteen years old and talking to your mates. However, years later it may not create the best first impression on the job-seeking front.

Employers value professionalism, so ideally, your email address for your job seeking efforts is a simple name combination. Using Gmail or BigPond accounts is perfectly acceptable as long as the name remains professional.

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If you’re serious about landing that dream job, contact a trusted recruitment agency and get advice from the experts in labour hire, temporary work and recruitment.

With a little professional help, you'll avoid making those job application mistakes and should find yourself in a role quicker than you think!

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