​You've been in the current role for some time and would like the opportunity to take the next step, gain some additional responsibilities and ultimately a sweeter wage. You have all the technical skills - so what are the areas you can build to make sure you are the stand-out winner at promotion time?


Do you crumble under pressure or embrace it with both hands and tackle it head on? Resilient employees have built that mental muscle and thrive with change, additional responsibilities and new challenges.

Resilient employees are super attractive for promotion as they manage stress and avoid burnout, develop high-quality connections, show-up as their real selves, grow their grit, embrace change and setbacks, have mental toughness and stay inspired.

Influencing skills

You may have a huge following on Instagram, but that's not exactly the skills we are talking about here – although there are some parallels.

Influencing skills are needed to find supporters to endorse your ideas and decisions. Those who have the skills to engage the hearts and minds of their teams and peers are much more likely to implement positive business change.

Strong influencers are considered high potential for promotion as they are politically savvy, have a credible personal brand, build and maintain trust and leverage their networks which are all desirable attributes when looking to push an internal hire forward.


Do you start each day with the mindset that you are prepared to handle whatever might happen that day? Or does the prospect of experiencing unexpected events or circumstances leave you feeling anxious and insecure?

Adaptability is the personality trait that helps determine how you respond to change. People with high adaptability are often described as "flexible," team players," or as someone who "goes with the flow."

Barclays LifeSkills report that 60% of employers feel adaptability has become more important in recent times and 20%, state that adaptability is lacking among recruits making it a sure-fire way to stand out when that opportunity arises.

Growth mindset

Do you believe your skills and talents can be developed through hard work, sound strategies and input from others? If so, then you are leading the charge with a growth mindset.

Those with a growth mindset are information seekers, problem solvers and believe anything is possible, making them desirable candidates for promotions and new roles. They tend to achieve more than those with a fixed mindset because they worry less about looking smart and put more energy into learning.

Personal brand

What do you want people to instantly think of, when they think of you? Having a reputation for possessing a particular skill, knowledge in a specific area or vast network of like-minded followers is nothing new, except that it is more visible than ever since the introduction of social media and professional networks like LinkedIn.

Your personal brand is about what you stand for. This translates to how you present yourself to potential clients, customers, and anyone else imperative to your career. Your brand is an indication of what you have to offer and can make or break your success. It’s also indicative of confidence, credibility, and an ability to prioritise. Moreover, with 93% of employers searching your social media to learn more about you, this is an excellent way to make your brand known.

For your employer, your personal brand is a highly desirable asset. For example, if you have established yourself as a leading Project Management specialist in the market, then your company benefits from their association with you too – it’s a real win-win.

Make it known

With these five appealing qualities in your arsenal, how do you make them known so you are the stand-out choice when that promotion comes along?

The secret is to do your current job flawlessly, make your intentions to be promoted known, ask for feedback on the skills you are developing and be true to your personal brand.

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