​Hard to believe but the average human brain makes 35,000 decisions every day. Whether it be what to wear to what's for dinner, our minds are always switched on. The amount of information we consume online is more than six times that of what we would read just five years ago.

So how do we reduce the overload and maximise our brain power for those decisions that really matter?

Avoiding toxic, negative people can help keep your reserves of happy brain hormones high. That doesn’t mean forgetting your compassion, just choosing those conversations that really matter.

Using your strengths makes it easier to get into a state of flow, which is a really healthy place for our brains. Getting lost in an activity gives us a break from the constant state of overload and can result in a strong feeling of accomplishment.

Avoiding clutter at home and work can help give us peace and ensure our minds feel in order. Similarly, having a pared-back wardrobe gives us fewer decisions to make when getting dressed. Why do you think Steve Jobs wore the same thing to work each day? So that was one less decision he had to make.

Finally, choosing which information you consume (or do not consume) on your mobile phone can not only prevent information overload but can also be replaced with some other healthy activity. Just switching off your phone on the commute and replacing it with some mindfulness activities can help you start and finish the day with a newly refreshed outlook.

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