The Australian Defence Sector is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth. Over the next decade the Government has also pledged to invest more than $200 billion in Australia’s Defence capabilities, creating jobs.

Many of these newly created opportunities, however, will not be within the Defence Force, but with the companies that support the industry to deliver major projects. This means that over the next few years, requirements for workers with trade, technical, and science and technology skills will increase.

The demand for such highly-skilled professionals is already high, with the Department of Defence and third-party contractors often vying for the same talent.

Trojan Recruitment Group’s Defence Division provides unparalleled recruiting expertise and in-depth knowledge to companies that provide support services to the Australian defence sector.

We understand that a capable defence industry is vital to protecting our nation’s sovereignty, security and economic prosperity. We’re also acutely aware of the need to move candidates through the recruitment and induction process quickly and seamlessly to secure top talent.

At Trojan, we work hard to deliver highly skilled and motivated employees, and to help companies upskill when new government infrastructure or defence projects arise.

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Defence fighter jet on landing strip

Types of roles
we recruit

  • Boilermakers

  • Electricians

  • Pipe Welders & Fitters

  • Ship Builders

  • Engineers

  • Heavy Diesel Mechanics

  • Structural Welders

  • Operators

  • Material Handlers

  • Sheet Metal Workers

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Security and safety

At Trojan, we understand that many of the defence industry roles that we recruit for require some level of security clearance.

All Trojan staff come security-clearance-ready, having undergone rigorous assessments, including police checks, safety and medical, and drug and alcohol testing.

We’re also wholly committed to ‘zero harm’ and our Work Health and Safety Management System, which is based on the systematic identification, assessment and control of hazards, is accredited to AS/NZS 4801 & OHSAS 18001 standards.

You can read more about safety at Trojan here.

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lasers across city representing security and defence
defence force helicopter lowering people down

Why choose Trojan?

When it comes to recruiting for the Defence Industry, Trojan are the experts. We’ve been partnering with the Australian Defence Sector for decades and offer tailor-made solutions and access to an enormous pool of ready-to-work, skilled professionals.

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