Productive At Work

​According to positive psychologists, happiness (joy) is considered one of the ten positive emotions . When people experience positive emotions, they experience less stress, better well being, stronger resilience, increased performance and engagement and eat better.

If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense when we think about how we feel when we are stressed. We may be tired, lethargic, foggy-headed and want to head straight for the nearest block of chocolate. Doesn't leave much room for being innovative or inspired let alone productive, does it?

So, what can you do to help your employees be happier beyond organising pizza and beers on a Friday?

Here are 20 ways to help your employees be happier and more productive:

  1. Set reasonable goals and celebrate success.

  2. Give people space to get "in the zone".

  3. Provide the right tools to do the job and do it well.

  4. Encourage and support innovative thinking.

  5. Treat employees fairly - as adults.

  6. Provide appropriate levels of workplace flexibility.

  7. Give clear direction then foster autonomy and ownership.

  8. Hire for a growth mindset and encourage employees to have a go.

  9. Provide reasonable levels of job security.

  10. Thank people for their work.

  11. Show up the way you would like to be surrounded. Your energy is contagious.

  12. Check-in with your team to see how they are feeling.

  13. Provide supportive feedback.

  14. Take a genuine interest in your team’s personal and professional goals.

  15. Offer learning and growth opportunities.

  16. Build purpose, whether it be in the organisation or by helping a charity or social cause.

  17. Encourage friendships at work.

  18. Remove bureaucracy and roadblocks.

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