4 Blog [12 Dec] How To Make Your Daily Drive Productive

​With many employees slowly returning to working on-site, the commute is officially back. Perhaps you have a lengthy journey? Maybe you’re a delivery driver? Or do you crave a way to eliminate boredom on the road?

Whatever the amount of time you spend behind the wheel for work, there are ways you can utilise this time constructively and safely. So, be inspired by these seven ways to make your daily drive more productive.

When you want to feel more motivated

There’s no better way to set yourself up for a day than with a stimulating pep talk en route. Hit Spotify or iTunes and seek out motivational podcasts that speak to your interests. If you’re looking for some hardcore gym spiration, check out Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth.

When you want company and conversation

Car-pool your commute with a co-worker. Why not find out who lives close by your area and offer them a lift or take turns to car-pool? Not only will you benefit from some breakfast time banter in the morning but doubling up in a vehicle will also be better for the environment.

When you want a laugh

Long commutes can become monotonous, so slap on a comedy podcast or audiobook. From the hilarious interview banter of Joe Rogan to the outrageous observations of Bill Burr, you’ll find a comedian to tickle your funny bone on Spotify, iTunes or Audible.

When you want a change of scenery

Take a new route. It may add another five or ten minutes to your journey but taking a more scenic route through the countryside or alongside parklands has been shown to boost mental health. One survey showed those who commuted through mostly natural environments recorded, on average, a 2.74 point higher mental health score than those who didn’t.

When you want to make like you’re on a road trip

OK, so you may not be cruising along the Great Ocean Road, but you can still create your ultimate road trip playlist for feel-good vibes. Create a playlist of tunes to suit the mood you want to feel and hit play when you hit the road.

When you want to clear your head

Of course, one of the most productive things to do when driving is clear your head while keeping your eyes on the road. Turn off distractions and take deep breaths as you drive. The act of driving can be calming (albeit tricky in rush hour) so empty your mind of the stress and anxiety that may be plaguing you and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.

When you want to level up your languages

You’re in a confined space where no one can hear you, so why not learn a new language? There are plenty of handy apps that are suitable for learning languages safely when behind the wheel. Audio-only, Pimsleur and DuoLingo have bitesize short lessons that are driving-approved and perfect for putting your commute to good use.

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