Blog [11 Nov] Are You A Workplace Slob

​Whatever industry you work in, be it on-site labourer or suited-up office worker, standards and self-respect are important personally and professionally. From an unkempt workspace to neglected personal hygiene, untidy or unprofessional habits can cost you your career.

Read on to discover if you could be a workplace slob and find out how these choices could be impacting your colleagues, your boss – and ultimately – you. Get ready to spring clean your professional life!

You could be a workplace slob if…

You are the one leaving dirty dishes in the sink at work

Neglecting your used coffee cups, leaving your unwashed lunchbox out or letting plates clog up the sink sends a message that you are happy to leave those items for your teammates or someone else to clean. In workplaces where teamwork is highly valued, your dirty dishes send a message that you aren’t a team player. Next time, find a kitchen brush or stack the dishwasher and show you are one of the team.

You do not take care of personal hygiene

Whether you take your work clothing into day three or shower infrequently, this sends a message that you aren’t taking pride in your appearance which may translate to not taking pride in your work. Invest a bit more time into your personal grooming and watch the perception of your workplace performance lift!

Your workspace is a mess

If your workspace is strewn with stationery, paperwork, or tools, then your workmates may see you as disorganised, unprofessional or a safety hazard! Workers who are professional, organised and safety minded are usually the first ones considered for new opportunities. Spend a bit of time tidying your workspace and make a concerted effort to keep it that way.

Punctuality is a rare thing

Continually rolling in at ten-past the hour is a sign you do not respect your co-workers or your boss as you are happy to let them spend their time waiting for you. Not only is this disrespectful but also shows that you are unreliable and can’t be counted on when needed. Start showing up five minutes earlier and see the perception of your reliability soar.

How being a workplace slob affects your peers

When your colleagues must coexist in an environment that is messier, smellier, or generally worse off because of laziness, then their noses will be out of joint. You could risk alienation or worse, your co-workers may be talking negatively about you behind closed doors.

How being a workplace slob affects your boss

While your boss might not directly be affected by some aspects of slobbish behaviour, they’ll certainly acknowledge lateness, disorganisation, and unprofessionalism. Their perception will likely diminish, and they may call into question your suitability in your role.

How being a workplace slob affects you

A lack of care or laziness at work is only really harming one person — you. Being a slob suggests you don’t pay enough detail or demonstrate enough respect and professionalism. In a worst-case scenario, you could risk losing your job and miss promotional opportunities.

An OfficeMax survey showed that being cluttered at work negatively impacts productivity and motivation, so it’s important to not slip into slobbish sensibilities and to always bring your A-game performance.

You want to build colleague loyalty and respect, so be consciously mindful of your tidiness, cleanliness, and personal hygiene in the working environment. Be the best version of yourself you can be at work to maximise your career progression – and guarantee you’re always invited to those after-work drinks!

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