Blog 7 Job Seeking No Nos

​Last year, 86 per cent of unemployed people across Australia found it difficult to find a job (ABS) which means competition for the best jobs in certain industries is really hotting up!
So, what does it really take to get the job you want? Are you doing things unknowingly that may be costing you that dream job? Maybe there are things you could change in your job seeking process that will sure up your chances of success?
At Trojan Recruitment Group, we see many job seekers each day and know what it takes to get hired! So, we have prepared our list of 7 Job Seeking No No’s to help you avoid costly mistakes that prevent you getting that job.
At Application Stage
# 1 Having a social media feed that makes future employers cringe
Drunken nights out with the boys, semi-naked pictures and strong political views may be acceptable to your friends on social media however potential employers will scan your social media to check on your qualifications, presentation, professionalism. If they come across any inappropriate or problematic behaviour that leads them to believe you are a risk to take on, they simply won’t hire you.
Tip - Before you submit a job application, it may be worth taking a look at your social media accounts. Ask yourself: ‘Do I look like the kind of person someone would hire?’ If not, you might want to clean up your profiles, so they present the best versions of you.
# 2 Being sloppy with your application
Show you want the job – literally. The employer has taken the time to go through your application, so try to put genuine effort into filling it out properly. Research the employer, the work they do and give them reasons to employ you. Make sure your application is tailored to the role.
Tip - Get help from a friend or family member to review your job application before you submit to make sure it meets the job requirements and is professionally written.
At Interview Stage
# 3 Peppering your sentences with ummm, ahhh and curse words
Even though research has found, people who swear are more honest than those who don’t, curse words are a definite no-no when having a conversation with a potential employer. You are not at the pub (yet!), so best to watch your language.
Also, words like; ‘um’, ‘ahh’, ‘dunno,’ ‘yeah’, ‘ain’t’, ‘gonna’, ‘bloody’ or ‘I reckon’ can make you come across as unprofessional or lacking knowledge and experience, which is certainly not the intention when we are interviewing.
Tip – Keep the language clean and professional so you come across as a pro in your field.
# 4 Bad-mouthing past employers
OK - so your previous employer may have been the boss from hell, keep in mind this isn’t something you want to share with your potential future employer. Especially not in the ‘reason for leaving’ section of the job application form. By bad-mouthing previous bosses, companies, or workmates, it makes the employer question whether the problem was them or you. The last thing you want to do at a job interview is cast doubt on your abilities to be a great fit.
If you did leave because of your boss, focus on what you are looking for. “I left because I am looking to really make a difference in a positive and progressive team and that wasn’t possible in my last role.”
Tip – Make sure you have your reason for leaving well planned ahead of the interview. How you handle this question could make or break your chances of being hired.
# 5 Being a sourpuss
Walking into the room grouchy and slouchy with negative body language will cost you the job right off the bat. There is a stack of research out there that says optimists do better in; job interviews, perform better on the job, earn more money, and are generally happier across all areas of work and life.
Tip – Your enthusiasm, interest and overall can-do attitude may just be what makes you the winning candidate so make sure it shines through.
# 6 Smelly food, breath, or odour
If you are lucky enough to get to the interview don’t sabotage the whole thing by making the odour mistakes. If the first thing your employer notices, as you walk into the interview room is bad body odour, garlic breath or the smell of a cigarette butt-filled ashtray – you might not do too well. Especially if it causes concerns that they may have to manage the issue when it comes to your teammates.
Tip – Try and avoid eating any smelly food before you arrive, and if you must have that cigarette, before you go in – take a mint, put some cologne on. It will make all the difference.
Post Interview Stage
# 7 Not thanking the interviewer
Not thanking an interviewer for their time is like being a house guest and not saying thank you after being fed. They have taken their time to meet you, time that could be spent elsewhere so thanking them is considered polite.
Tip – Send a thank you email after the meeting to say how much you appreciated the opportunity and that you are keen to be considered for the job. It will go a long way!
·       Before the interview, consider cleaning up your social media feed – these days, all employers check potential candidates’ social media accounts to make sure they are not a risk for the company.
·       When preparing your application, take the time to write a professional cover letter and application tailored to the role.
·       At the interview, be well presented, avoid swearing and have prepared your answers to tricky questions such as why you left your last role.
·       Be sure to thank the interviewer for their time and let them know you are interested in the role.

 If you are open to new opportunities, contact a recruitment agency like Trojan Recruitment Group and receive advice from the experts in labour-hire, permanent and contract staff.