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Is there anything that brings up images of old movies more than a long luxurious train ride? A form of travel that is all about the journey rather than the destination. Australia has some of the most beautiful train rides in the world with spectacular scenery. Some of the most notable train journeys in Australia can be taken on board The Ghan which runs from Adelaide to Darwin, and the Indian Pacific which runs between Perth and Sydney.

Shannon Hood, one of our Recruitment Consultants, spoke to Erin, a Hospitality Attendant on The Ghan, to find out if its anything like our expectations from these old movies. Shannon mentioned that it was great to gain an insight into an exciting way to travel the Australian outback. Erin, along with so many others, is essential to keeping these beautiful train journeys alive and well.

How do you become an attendant on a passenger train?

First, I was cleaning the train when it was stationed in Adelaide; then other people started talking about the Hospitality Attendant role. I became interested, so I applied and I got the job!

What's fun about working on a passenger train?

The interactions with all of the passengers and meeting people from all around the world.

Do you ever get train sick?

Not me, but some people do get sick and retreat to their rooms.

What is the biggest challenge in the role of a train attendant?

The hours and being away from family and friends.

Have you had any out-of-the-ordinary or unusual customer requests?

A newlywed Dutch couple tried to make a move on me and invited me into their room to "play cards". I politely declined.

Also, early on in my bartending experience, someone ordered "The driest wine you have", and I was very confused as I don't drink wine. I thought wines were generally all wet - aren't they?

Do you ever catch yourself staring out the window and loving the views?

Yes, it's nice in your room, especially at night when the lights aren't too bright, and you can see the stars very clearly. It's magical.

What's been your favourite trip so far?

The ones from Adelaide to Perth are the best as the views along the trip are nice, and you see more.

What makes a good train attendant?

Somebody who is approachable, who knows a bit about the Australian Outback and someone who can keep up with the physicality of the role.

Would you encourage other people to become train attendants?

Yes, I think it is a great job! It gives you a chance to travel and provides work experience in multiple roles such as cleaning, bartending, the food industry, and general high-class hospitality experience.

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Jason Everett is the Senior Human Resources Advisor for Trojan Recruitment Group who has worked in HR roles for the past 20 years servicing many industries including the blue-collar sector. As a passionate HR professional, Jason loves helping candidates find the perfect role and become essential to the business and industries to which they are hired.