Social Media

Did you know that 93% of interviewers will now check Facebook before inviting a candidate for a meeting? So, while we all love the profile photo of you dancing to Gangnam Style at your sister’s wedding in your birthday suit, what would a potential employer think? Will they want to hire you because of your shapely physique, or would they frown upon this sort of photo?

If this sounds familiar it might be time to re-think your online presence to ensure that you’re not committing these classic social media fails.

Mistake #1: Sharing inappropriate photos

This is one of the biggest social media fails.

Recruiters could be looking at your Facebook account right now, so make sure that the photos you share aren’t considered inappropriate or disrespectful. And don’t be fooled by the so-called ‘privacy settings’ on your account because they can change at any time. Photos that show you partying on a Saturday night, making lewd gestures toward the opposite sex will be seen as “no-no”, as workplaces are heavily focused on respect and diversity.

Mistake #2: Using Facebook as a venting outlet

While it might feel good to let off steam when you feel let down by your company or when your boss won’t give you a pay rise, it’s not okay to vent online in a public space, such as Facebook. Remember the Domino’s employee who videoed himself picking his nose and putting it on a pizza? This type of action shows a lack of professionalism and loyalty. Consider calling your best mate and venting to him or her instead.

Mistake #3: Over-sharing and too much gossip

You should always tread carefully on Facebook and think about the kind of posts that you’re sharing. Are you constantly talking about your personal hygiene or the latest visit to the doctor's – and do we really need to hear about it? Are you gossiping about a colleague and is that something you'd like to see someone else say about you? It's not a good look and a recruiter or employer won't thank you for indulging in workplace gossip.

Mistake #4: Being the trouble-maker

We all have that friend who likes to stick a finger up to society and bend, or even break, the rules. Posts that are seen as anti-establishment, overly-political or discriminatory serves to tell a potential employer that you may be a troublemaker. When job seeking, try to keep it clean, sensible and risk-free.

Mistake #5: Posting when you're at work – and all of the time

Sharing your favourite photos or the latest observation on the world seems harmless enough, right? If you’re posting about your leisure activities every five minutes during business hours when you should be working, then a recruiter or dream employer might notice. They’ll view you as unproductive at work and uncommitted to the organisation. Don't make this classic social media fail.

Mistake #6: Posting about your epic day (on the skive)

We all know that person. The one who takes a sickie from work and posts on Facebook about their day at the cricket. Who knows if your boss might be checking your online activity and you don’t want them seeing these badly-timed brags – it shows that you’re not a trustworthy person who may lack integrity when it comes to your work.

Mistake #7: Fear of judgement

The single biggest mistake is actually not posting on social media at all!  Social media presents a great opportunity to show others an insight into your authentic self as a person.  Your hobbies, friendships, achievements, views on the world may be exactly the right cultural fit for the role you are seeking. Your social media presence could be your greatest strength if done well (including spelling and grammar!), so get out there and post responsibly when job seeking.

Mistake #8: Having an unprofessional profile photo

This is another one of those common social media fails.

Even if you've set your personal profile to private, chances are an employer will still be able to see your profile photo. So, keep it professional (stay away from scantily clad photos or a photo of you lying drunk on the side of the road). And remember, if a potential employer runs a Google search of your name, affiliated pictures often pop up on the first page, especially if you have a unique name.

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