Commute To Work

​The average commuter trip is 50 minutes per day. If you think about it, that is around 240 hours per year. With a little planning, imagine what you could do with that time to turn your commute from being mindless Facebook scrolling to a daily dose of 'you time'.

If your goals this year are based around productivity and work performance, then the daily commute provides lots of opportunities to help get you there. It can be a great time to crate your to-do’s and priorities list - ensuring you start the day off right and to reflect on your achievements on the way home.

Spending time searching online for inspiration for your next work project can be time well spent while on the bus or train. And, there are many short online courses you can do electronically to help boost your skills.

Doing some planned networking or personal brand building through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, can also be a great way to make the most of the travel time.

If your goals are based around making time for you, then the commute to and from work can be the perfect time to carve out some “me time”. Write in a gratitude journal, do a meditation or spend time just pausing and reflecting. Go old-school and open a book or magazine or download some new apps to learn a language, play some brain games or get a dose of inspiration through the creative arts.

The daily commute is the perfect time to set your mind to achieving those personal and professional goals. With a comfy seat and your phone, notepad, book or magazine in hand you can achieve a lot on the go!

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