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​No-one would blame you for thinking that jobs like a chocolate taster, travel writer or lego builder would be the happiest jobs, but the good news is that the most joyous professions are far more accessible than we think. Florists, gardeners, hairdressers, beauticians, plumbers and construction workers are some of the happiest professions according to UK Economist and Behavioural Scientist Paul Dolan.

So what is it that these roles have in common that contributes to their happiness quotient?


Researchers believe that to be truly happy; we need a ratio of positive to negative emotions of at least 3-1 and these jobs certainly deliver. As a florist, flowers are typically for a celebration or to brighten someone's day, which brings a tremendous sense of positivity around the work. Plus, there is little time for office politics, limited bureaucracy, strong empowerment and autonomy – these jobs have it all.


Each of these jobs creates opportunities to be completely in the zone, lost in a moment and fully focused on an enjoyable task. There is a mental high when we get to forget about the outside world for a moment, leave our worries behind and allow ourselves to be absorbed in an enjoyable task.


Hairdressers know all the local secrets thanks to the relationships they build with their clients through the small-talk that occurs while tousling your tresses. These trusted client relationships are a form of social connectivity, which we know has a significant impact on mental wellbeing and our overall happiness.


Creating a beautiful garden, helping someone look their best, lifting someone’s spirits when down or celebrating their joy all bring a sense of meaning and purpose to the day. These jobs all impact on the lives of others in a positive way which warms the heart.


For florists, gardeners, hairdressers and beauticians, you see the fruits of your labour relatively quickly. There is a massive sense of accomplishment every day, and in many cases, there is little unfinished work to take home at the end of the day.

Before we trade banking for bouquets, it may be worth considering how you can consciously incorporate these factors into your job design to make the daily grind happier and more enjoyable.

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Happiness By Design: Finding Pleasure and Purpose in Everyday Life' by Paul Dolan