​When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), most of us think of driverless cars, machine learning chat bots or virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa but AI is delivering big changes in business in many shapes and forms.

Did you know that in manufacturing, AI has the ability to perform quality control, shorten design time and reduce materials waste?  And in logistics, it is common to see large warehouses mostly run by robots fulfilling orders, sorting items and using space as efficiently as possible. In the building and construction industry, AI is being trialled to identify the best ways to create a community by collating information about key factors like the environment, building, materials and demographics of an area.

Good news for employees is, that while some roles will change more jobs will be created as a result of new AI technologies (PWC 2019).

Only 6% of Australian businesses have introduced AI initiatives on a grand scale however 29% have plans to introduce it in the next 3 years. And, 86% of CEO’s believe AI will impact their business in the next 5 years given the benefits it will bring and the need to stay competitive - according to PWC’s 22nd Annual CEO survey.

For employers and businesses, this rate of progress will be determined by the pool of skills available.

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